52 Card Pick Up (Art)

This year I am embarking on a weekly painting project called "52 Card Pick Up (Art)" The idea behind this project is to use a deck of playing cards as the canvas for art.

52 Cards in a deck of playing cards = 52 weeks in a year!

1) I begin by priming (gesso) the back side of each playing card. You can use any acrylic gesso or even house paint primer. This year, I used Liqutex Gesso.

2) I only prime one side of the card, and I choose to the "back" of the card leaving the suits untouched. You can do any side you want!

*Tip* I laid down some plastic wrap on my table to paint the cards on. I placed the cards on the table and just painted them laying on the table. The overpaint, helps to keep them flat while they dry. In the past, I've used newspaper and the cards tend to stick and curl too much.

3) Usually, this will take 2 coats depending on how you like your surface to feel. I will sand the cards between coats and on the final coat to have a smooth surface.

4) Your "card canvas" can now be painted on with acrylic or oil paints. You can probably use paint pens too, though I have not tried this yet.

5) These little cards make great bookmarks, magnets, and you can even buy miniature frames to put them in!  Remember to varnish your work to protect it.

If you decide to do this project too, post your work on Instagram and use the hashtag #52cardPUart